The Art of Craft Cocktails

Professional Bartenders Taking Cocktails Above and Beyond

We are a team of master mixologists, professional bartenders, and seasoned event planners who share a passion for bartending and every aspect of the hospitality industry. Our combined strengths make us leaders in our field, which you can tell by taking a quick look at our credentials.

Our Expertise

We strive to be the best professional bartenders London has to offer

Our professional bartenders, flair bartenders, mixologists, and front of house staff are all well trained and highly skilled. From mixing drinks to making you feel at home, we always go the extra mile.

At our hearts however, we are entertainers, and we put on some of the best shows in London’s and beyond.

Our combined skills and strengths are designed to offer you a 360° service. We are professional bartenders. We are performers. We are your rock when you need us.

Our team works together as a unit behind the scenes and by your side. It’s our goal to ensure your time in our care is a relaxed, enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Our Mission

Creating unforgettable nights that bring joy and excitement to your guests.

To create amazing experiences for everyone to enjoy!
We put professionalism and service at the heart of everything we do. We want you to get the premium service you deserve.

If you’re not satisfied with a standard bar experience then neither are we. We achieve whatever you desire to make your night as unforgettable as possible. From tantalising your tastebuds with our masterful mixology, to dazzling dinner guests with thorough theatrics. We’re here to make you happy.

Peace of Mind

Relax, we’ve got this.

We are a business built by a mature set of individuals who offer peace of mind to all our clients. We know our clients invest a lot of trust in us, and we will never let them down.

From corporate events to weddings, all the way to a small family gathering. We know how special each event is to you and your guests. So, it’s our responsibility to manage each and every events with the same attention to detail and first-class service.

Whatever the context, we’ve got it under control.

Our reputation

On the line. Every time.

We stake our reputation on every project we manage. Every review we receive is equally important to us. That’s why customer satisfaction is the primary function of our entire team.

We will ensure that you go away from the night we curate for you with stories to tell, and a smile on your face.

In short, we aim to please.

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Professional bartenders to fit your budget.

Our Bar Packages are the perfect addition to any and every celebration.

Whether you’re celebrating a golden anniversary, a Bar Mitzvah, or a loved one’s birthday, go the extra mile with the drinks that you provide.

Making events special and memorable is what we do. Invite us in and see what we can do.

What makes us special


24/7 service

We are always just an email or phone call away.


Bespoke customer service

Our flexible services can be tailored to your individual requirements.


Star team

Our skilled bartenders are some of the best in the London and the UK.


Attention to detail

We strive to ensure no detail is overlooked or undervalued.


We’re one of a kind

The combined skillset of our experienced team is exceptional.


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